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--From the TV anime [Kimetsu no Yaiba], [Kimetsu no Yaiba DX Nichirinto ~ Kocho Shinobu ~], which contains all 35 types of lines and sound effects that appear in the play, is now available!

-It is an item that you can play as a demon slaughter corps, a butterfly of a bug pillar.
You can enjoy two modes by double-clicking the button on the handle.
-In [Butterfly Breathing Mode], when you press the button, the lines and sound effects of [Butterfly Breathing Butterfly Nomai `Play`], which is the shape of a butterfly, will be played and the butterfly will shine. You can play while reproducing the battle scene.
-In [Name Scene Mode], every time you press the button, various lines of the butterfly Shinobu will flow and the butterfly will shine. Many famous scenes are revived.
-The main body is about 55 cm in total length, and the clear and beautiful blade with butterflies shines when you press the button.