BANDAI - Vital Bracelet/Digivice/Softvice & Other
BANDAI - Vital Bracelet/Digivice/Softvice & Other
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-[Vital Breath Characters Kamen Rider Set] is now available from the wearable LCD toy series [Vital Breath] that allows you to develop and evolve your character according to your heart rate and number of steps.

--With a built-in NFC chip, auto-battle is possible by touching an NFC-equipped smartphone that is in a state of emitting radio waves or an IC device such as a card reader in the city with an application or the like.
--You can also manage the characters you have raised by using the dedicated app [Vital Breath Characters Lab].

-Comes with a VBM card [VBM card Kamen Rider Kuuga] that records Kamen Rider Kuuga and its form change as an evolution line.
――You can change the breeding character by inserting the VBM card (sold separately).

* The main body of Vital Breath Characters is the same as the one included in [Vital Breath Characters Ultraman Set].
* The Vital Breath Characters main unit has the same program specifications as the Vital Breath Characters main unit included in [Vital Breath Characters Ultraman 55th Edition] and [Vital Breath Characters Kamen Rider 50th Edition].
* The arm circumference is approximately 16 cm to 21 cm.
* [VBM Card] is not guaranteed to work with [Vital Breath Digital Monster] [Vital Breath DigiVice V-].
* The app [Vital Breath Lab] is not supported.

[set content]
・ Vital Breath Characters ・ ・ ・ 1
・ VBM Card Kamen Rider Kuuga ・ ・ ・ 1
・ VS VBM card… 1
・ Charging cable… 1
・ Instruction manual… 1

[Batteries used]
・ Li-ion x 1 (built-in)